Features of Good Time Tracking Software

You’re looking to make changes in how your company controls time and projects. How will you get to exercise those changes? Making changes in your time management system can be a big challenge and could raise a lot of questions.

Meet time tracker

There are many considerations; in the end, it isn’t just about you but about those who work with you. No doubt that you have a system of accounting and payroll already, but in the fast-changing world of business you have most probably heard there are more effective tools for putting the numbers to work for you. The solutions known as Time Management Software, Project Management Software, Business Management Software, or, simply speaking, time trackers.

Change in the business sense, is better referred to as “progress”. Progression is critically important, for it embodies much in the business world, and without it you are just spinning your wheels. History trends reveal many answers.

Take for example two corner grocery shops in the 50’s.

Store A’s owner puts all the receipts for ordering resale shipments, public utilities, hours of employees, and cash register tapes into a big bag and brings them home on the weekend to balance.

Store B’s owner keeps a log of sold goods, employee tasks, items damaged or outdated, along with just a two column ledger he keeps at the close of every day. In the beginning, there were not many differences between store A and B but in time store A developed a reputation of having outdated commodity and damaged goods, dusty racks, and bookwork was months behind because life happened on the weekends. Store A began to lose profit yet the owner was unsuspecting of the cause because he did not have a time management or project management system in place. Store B continued to flourish, always supplying the freshest product to happy customers, with cheerful employees who knew what was required of them, and a store that seemed to bring just what the customers wanted.

Store B had a system for project management, time management, and business management. Store B excelled to become a big grocery store chain, where store A threw in the towel and locked their door for the last time. The moral of the story is that you need to have an accurate method to manage your numbers. How good that system is will dictate the progress of your company. If progress in today’s world means changing to a time tracking software then you should know what to expect.

Main features you will need

Since Time is Money, you need time management software as well as business management tool to make your company as prosperous as it can be.

The time tracker you choose should provide as many of the listed features as possible:

Web-based (Installed or hosted online)
Automated reporting, notifications, job tasking
Custom reports & schedules supported
Unlimited clients, projects, tasks, addresses, notes
Support billable, non-billable time, overtime, flextime, holidays
Customizable terminology and user interfaces
Full export / import capability
Integration with your other software
Corporate compliance & governance


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